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Sylheti Nagree is the name of an alternative script of Bengali lingual literature for writing, reading and teaching. In greater Sylhet region, this script originated in the seventeenth century. This script was widely cultured there throughout eighteenth and nineteenth century. As a result, more than hundred books were composed, printed and circulated. Even, its pursuing continued till the earlier part of twentieth century. But this meaningful heritage almost remained unknown to the majority of Bengali speaking people.

Matters related to origination, development and fate of Sylheti Nagree have been followed in this book in light of historical focus. Analysis and considerations on sources and characteristics of raw material and ingredients of this unprecedented script have been done with the help of various references. Short discussions were made on reading and teaching methods of this script; and on the form and nature of regional language used in the literatures composed by this script.

This book accomplishes the effort of extracting the real identity and dignity of Sylheti Nagree script, language and literature by discussing the features, theme and extracts of several citable Nagree books.

Dr. Golam Quadir ( March 17, 1933 - February 05, 2011) was born at Chamardani, Dharmapasha under Sunamganj district. He read in various institutes of greater Sylhet upto graduation and obtained his Masters degree from Dhaka University in 1959.  He completed Ph.D in 1983. His career was dominated by teaching profession which continued after his formal retirement from Mymensingh A.M. College. Apart from this research work, he has several other publications.


Dr. Muhammed Sadiq, in his exceptional research "Sylheti Nagri: Fokiri Dharar Foshol", has once again attested that in the midst of darkness all around, someone remains awaked with the hope of light. Essentiality of light is established by discovery of light. He hasn't forgotten the smell of water at roots in the glorious-land even at exile far away from the boundary of Bengal. Being one of the best poets of wavy eighties, a son of greater Sylhet has not forgotten his obligation towards intellect practice. And more significantly selects the root-attached lighted legends and myths as the topic for educational research. Another word which should obviously be spelled that almost all researchers depend on instant desires in selecting the research-topic and even after commencing the task soon get surrounded by hesitation and doubt. Gradually the prospects and substance that lie in the subject become apparent to them.  Merely few out of these researchers transit to reality of life from the theme of the subject.

Prior to commencing or after the conclusion of the research, there exists no relevance of the academic project in determining the sought and substance of life. Dr. Sadiq is a bright and ideal exception in this respect. Remaining occupied with the administrative functions as part of service, he could still keep alive immense interest on Sylheti Nagree Lipi and spiritual literature of the Fakirs who have renounced the world. By moving, year after years, to different towns and villages of Sylhet, Sunamganj, Habiganj and Moulvibazar he has collected samples on Sylheti Nagree Lipi and manuscripts, printed books and writings on the same.

Let Dr. Sadiq's book bring hope of revival to the multiple crisis-depressed readers. Let it spread the blended shadow of blue-antimony and ancient-memory by removing arrogant mesh that prevails; and reestablish the significance of essence in diversely-torn life. Readers, let us join this rediscovery and renewing second-acquaintance of root-touch light. There is no sign of completeness or end-point in this book, but has only announcement of a new beginning.


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