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Nagree Lipi
Proud Heritage of Sylhet

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  Sylhet Nagree
  Also called : Sylheti Nagri, Siloti Nagri, Phul Nagree

Haltunnabi - Most Popular Sylheti Nagree Puthi



Haltunnabi was composed by Munshi Sadeq Ali in 1262 Bengali Era (1855 AD). This was printed for the first time in 1860. Prior to that hand-written copies were in distribution. Haltunnabi was and still is a very popular Nagri Puthi in Sylhet and adjacent areas.

This renowned book was published in the Ekushey Book Fair 2009 with new theme and get up. Transliteration in Bengali, word meanings and Nagree Alphabets are added attractions. Nagree and Barlekha Fonts were developed for this purpose. Transliteration, Font development, word meaning, preamble, etc. were done by Engineer Mannan while Mostafa Selim provided an in-depth discussion on Nagri in the preface.


  Rashid Majumdar with a Haltunnabi

    Lady reading a hand-written Nagri Puthi


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