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UTSO Prokashan

127, Aziz Super Market; 2nd Floor  
Shahbagh, Dhaka  
Phone : +88029676025  

e-mail :

Utso Prokashan appeared in the publishing arena at the very inception of twenty first century. This publisher is widely known for its root-investigative nature. Obviously all introductory matters of this entity include:
Root of our perception is planted close to soil and people. Traditional and ever-continuing culture-history is our resort. Therefore, we search our identities in the stack of ancient history. Precious books started coming out following this search. We found the first book written in Bengali on history of Sylhet region. That book appeared long back in 1886, since then time has advanced so has the travel of history. We joint them as carpenter-year 1886, then one by one...
MSalim Total number of books published by Utso is now more than 400. Utso has extra enthusiasm in publishing history, heritage and folk literature. Moreover it has unique role for publishing innovative and intellectual writings. Kurchy Tumar Laagi, an intellectual book by Dijen Sharma which was published by Utso, received Prothom Alo Borsho Sera Book Award 1413. This enterprise was honored by Bangla Academy in 2008 for publishing best quality books. Mostafa Salim, lead person of Utso received London Award 2004 and Monthly Purbapor honor 2008.
Utso is also patronizing revival of Sylhet Nagree. As an obligation towards Sylhet and also to uphold its commitment, Utso has been publishing sensational but scarce Sylheti Nagri puthis by presenting those in modern digital format with lucrative getup. To facilitate computer-compose, Nagree fonts were developed by Engr. Mannan who also took the responsibility of transliteration of these books.




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