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Firey Dekha Sylheti Nagree


Nagri Grantha Shombar - a set of 25 Sylheti Nagri books has been published on January 15, 2014. The titles are: Haltunnabi, Jung Nama, Hashor Toran, Moskhil Toran, Doi Khurar Raag, Bahram Johura, Hushiar Gafeleen, Shohor Choreet, Ociotunnabi, Mayarshi Duchra, Mohobbat Nama, Hashor Micheel, Chandra Mukhi, Desh Choreet, Horeen Nama, Kori Nama, Saat Konyar Bakhan, Sodochi Mochla, Soyful Bedat, Sunavaner Puthi, Ved Kaya, Ved Choreet, Nur Porichoy, Ahkame Chorka and Raag Hori Bongsho.

These books, published by Utso Prokashan, were transliterated by Nagri-researcher Engr. Mannan and jointly edited by him and Mustafa Salim.


An intellectual meet titled "Sylheti Nagri Shahitya - Notun Drishtitey Dekha" organized by Utso Prokashan was held at Jalalabad Association, Dhaka. Thibaut d'Hubert, Assistant Professor, Chicago University was the Chief Guest. Thibaut is from France but teaches and works on Bangla especially pre-modern Bangla Literature and Scripts. He has good command on Sanskrit and Farshi too.

The meet was presided over by Dr. M.A.Mubin, President, Jalalabad Association and anchored by Mr. Mostafa Salim of Utso Prokashan. Dr. Muhammad Sadiq, renowned nagri-scholar and Engineer Mannan, Researcher and Transliterator exchanged their views on the occassion


Firey Dekha Sylheti Nagri - was held at Zilla Parishad Auditorim, Sylhet on July 17, 2009. The meet was organized by Utso Prokashan on the eve of publication of Nagree books.

Mr. Nurul Islam Naheed, Minister for Education, GoB was the Chief Guest. Among others the gathering was addressed by Dr. Muhammad Sadiq, Engr. Mannan, Mostafa Salim, Prof. A Aziz and Prof. Abul Fateh Fattah.


Recitation of the verses from famous Puthi - Haltunnabi

Recitation : Gous Ali and Barik Miah

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